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Florida Fishing Holes - Lakes and Rivers
Guide picks
Florida Fishing Holes - Lakes and Rivers

Florida Fishing Regions
Click on a section of the state and get a list of counties there. Each has all its public fishing holes listed. Individual fishing spots are listed below alphabetically. If you know what part of the state you will visit but not the lake name, start here. From GORP

Alafia River
Launch your boat downtown for bas and bream

Alligator Lake
Lake City 338 acre with excellent fishing for several species

Ansin-Garcia Reservoir
Blue Cypress Water Management Area 10750 acre manmade lake

Lake Apopka
Once famous largemouth bass lake, this 30,671 acre lake has been hurt by pollution.

river is excellent for hybrids. the middle section is excellent for shellcracker and the delta area is good for bass and hybrids.

Lake Arbuckle
Polk County 3828 acre lake good for bass and crappie

Aucilla River
Good bream fishing in this cold spring fed stream, in Jefferson County.

Bear Lake
A 107 acre state lake in the Blackwater State Park, offers fishing for several species in a fertilized pond.

Big Cypress Basin
Map shows canals in the Big Cypress area. Almost too small to read, it does give you an idea of where to go.

Black Creek
Good crappie, bluegill, redbreast and bass fishing

Blackwater River
Shallow river with best fishing in lower section. Camping and picnicking sites available.

Lake Blue Cypress
6555 acre lake bordered by marsh and cypress swamp, good for bass, bream, hybrids and catfish but best for crappie

Brooklyn Lake
650 acres of poor fishing, since lake is infertile except for skiers.

Butler Chain of Lakes
Also called the Windermere Chain, contains 9 lakes and 4720 acres of water.

Lake Butler Lake
Not in the Windermere Chain, this Butler County 420 acre lake is good for schooling bass but poor for bream.

Caloosa Fish Management Area
Directions to this south Florida area can be found here

Caloosahatchee River
Connects Lake Okeechobee to the bay. Good fishing for salt and freshwater fish

Lake Catherine
Within Palm Beach Gardens, a 15 acre lake with good fishing

Cherry Lake
479 acre lake near Madison, excellent for small bass with a few ten pounders mixed in

Campbell Lake
Right on the Gulf of Mexico, this 125 acre lake is best for bream.

Cape Coral Canals
Good fishing downtown, one boat ramp but lots of bank access

Cecil M. Webb WMA
Wildlife Management area with 395 acre Webb Lake and other smaller ponds with good fishing.

Central Florida Live Bait
Fish with Captain Larry for bass using live bait in many central Florida hotspots.

Chassahowitzka River
Citrus County river that is shallow enough to limit boating traffic.

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