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Fall Fishing

Fall is a great time of catch fish


Fall is a fabulous time to go fishing. The fish are scattered at all depths and are feeding heavily. The cool days have driven off most of the things that aggravate fishermen like gnats, mosquitoes, skiers and skidooers. And it is more comfortable. The changing leaves are pretty and the lake is usually calm.

Lake Martin in Alabama is one of my favorite fall lakes. I go a couple of times in early October each year. The lake is clear so the water looks very blue. By now, it has dropped three or four feet so there is a white or red border around the lake, separating the blue water from the colorful trees. And the sky above is usually a bright, clear blue soeverything is pretty as a picture.

Even better is the way the spotted bass bite. It is not unusual to pull up on a point early in the morning and catch several spots on top water plugs, then switch to crankbaits and catch several more as the sun gets on the water. As it gets higher you can fish a worm on the same point and catch more, sometimes lots more. Using light tackle, the spots really pull even though they average less than two pounds.

Later in the day you can fish shallow shoreline cover like rocks, brush piles, boat docks and blowdowns and regularly catch bass. Largemouth are mixed in with the spots and one over five pounds will hit fairly often. Any lure from a jig and pig to a crankbait or spinnerbait to a worm will work. It is fun fishing.

Lake Martin is typical of southern lakes in October. It cools a little quicker than mid and south Georgia and Alabama lakes so it is good early in the month. Lakes south of it get better later. The above patterns are good for bass on most of them.

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