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Christmas Fishing Wishes

Wishing for Christmas Fishing Gear and Happiness


Often wished for at Christmas, world peace seems unobtainable no matter who wishes for it. I have some Christmas wishes that are much more simple but unfortunately they, too, seem impossible to achieve.

I wish every child would wake up Christmas morning in a warm house with a Christmas tree surrounded by presents, bought by parents that care about them. I wish they would get almost everything they want, but would be taught by their parents that you don’t always get everything you wish for. They would be given the understanding that life just does not grant every wish.

I wish every child wanting that first gun for Christmas would get it, if they are mature enough to handle it. Along with the gun would be a parent that would not let them use it alone until they proved they would follow all safety rules and use the gun sensibly. The parent would go with them to shoot the gun, teaching them safety and insisting on ridged adherence to the rules.

I wish that child would value their gun, taking care of it, cleaning it after every use and respecting it for what it could do. They would use it sensibly and carefully, and feel a little sadness and respect for any animal they killed with it. They would realize guns can kill, and always keep this in their minds when aiming it.

I wish every child could feel the thrill of opening a new fishing reel and putting it on a new rod, and be able to sit and hold it and imagine catching fish on it. They would understand they can enjoy thinking and using their imaginations without some electronic toy or a TV doing it for them. And I wish they could take their new fishing equipment to a pond and catch a Christmas fish that afternoon.

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