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Fishing with Kids

Taking Kids Fishing


Cara's Crappie

Fritz's daughter Cara caught this crappie on a recent fishing trip with mom and dad.

Fritz Nordengren
by Fritz Nordengren

At the lake three blocks from our home the crappie are up shallow to spawn. Even though the DNR has built a very nice fishing pier, I still like to fish the shore and look for special spots.

I've written about the beaver lodge where almost every angler with a boat fishes -- but just a little bit farther up the shore is a small cup in the shore line -- I can call it a cove -- where the beavers have left lots of sticks below the water. Almost everyone passes by this place on their way to fish at the beaver lodge.

Yesterday, it looked like rain, so we didn't go out fishing after school, but instead, did homework and had dinner. Then, we headed for the lake. The kids rode their bikes along the bike trail that goes around the lake. About a 1/2 mile in, there is a grass trail that leads to the beaver lodge. There, we parked their bikes and hiked in the rest of the way.

There was a bass boat and another couple fishing at the beaver lodge and I could tell they're looks of relief when the mob of kids, parents and fishing poles came over the hill and said we we're not going to fish there.

As we got to our spot, I cast out and then helped the kids cast out and both kids had fish within the first or second cast. From that point, someone had a fish about every 3 - 5 minutes. The squeals of thrill and "eweeee, I don't want to touch it" could be heard all over the lake.

In the end, the kids were tired by dusk, we didn't get rained on, and both of them felt like they had caught a lot of fish.

Thanks to all of the About Fishing crew for teaching me how important it is to share this sport with our children.

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