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Winter Crappie Fishing

Catching Winter Crappie


I discovered winter crappie fishing in the mid-1970's at Clark's Hill. Bobby Gene Pierce was there with me and we were catching a few bass - nothing special. We noticed a guy sitting in the middle of the lake, pulling in fish after fish. I knew he was over deep water so I circled around him and lined up where he was sitting.

After he left we checked it out and found a tree on the channel ledge in 40 feet of water, coming within 10 feet of the top. Bob and I discovered if you dropped a crappie jig down to the treetop you would catch a crappie. We caught almost 200 during the next week.

When Bob left, I got my mom to go out with me one warm afternoon. We fished another tree and caught 68 crappie in three hours - they weighed 78 pounds! We had an even dozen over two pounds each - that is a big crappie to me. And these were weighed on a scale, not guess-ti-weighted.

Every Christmas I spend a few afternoons catching crappie. They are probably the most dependable fish this time of year. I know about six trees that are deep enough to never be exposed when the lake is low. I can count on catching a mess of crappie from at least a couple of them.

Strangely enough, I have never seen anybody fishing the trees where Bob and I first spotted the guy catching fish - he has never been back when I was there. I fish them every year and catch fish out of them. I wonder what happened to him!

You can catch fish in the winter - not every time, but enough to make it worthwhile. And you can catch some big ones. Like Forest Gump said, its kinda like a box of chocolates - you never know what you are going to get! One thing for sure - if you stay home where it is warm you won't catch anything!

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