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Clips, Swivels or Split Rings?

Some of my experiences with clips


I always put some kind of clip of split ring in front of crankbaits and spoons. Any kind of lure that needs to move at the end of your line should have one of them or you should tie it on with a loop knot for added action. You can choose the best for you.

For years I used interlocking snap clips on all my baits - it made changing them easier. But a couple of experiences with them changed me. I throw a spinnerbait, buzzbait and spoon on heavy line - 15 to 17 pound test. Many years ago at Lake Sinclair I threw a spinnerbait under an overhanging limb and it got hung up - not unusual for me!

I was able to shake the spinnerbait loose and worked it back. As always after getting hung, I checked my line - and the clip was open! Somehow it had opened from my trying to get the bait back. I am real glad nothing hit on that cast.

Years later I was fishing a Timber King spoon at Lake Eufaula, working it through the grass beds. I hooked a big bass - about six pounds, and fought it hard pulling it from the grass. When I got it to the boat I was too excited and kinda drug it over the side of the boat. When I went to unhook the fish, the clip was open! It is a miracle I did not lose that fish.

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