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Spinnerbaits - Twist or R Bend Line Tie?


Spinnerbait come with two types of line attachments. The "V" of the wire can either be twisted to form a loop, or the wire is bent into an open R shape. There are good and bad things about each.

See the picture of the two types of line ties through the link to the right.

The R bend is open so line can slip and move down the wire toward the blades or the other direction toward the spinnerbait head. This is a worse problem when you use a clip but hardly ever happens when the line is tied directly to the wire.

An R bend is cheaper to make and somewhat easier to straighten when the spinnerbait arms get bent. This type bend also allows more vibration through the arms of the spinnerbait and allows more flexibility for the blade arm.

A twisted line tie keeps your line in place whether you use a clip or tie directly to the wire. It costs a little more to make and must be lined up right to make the spinnerbait run right.

Twisting the wire weakens the line a little and the twists give your line a place to hang and get pinched. They are a little less flexible and are harder to straighten out when the arm gets bent.

Both these ways of making spinnerbaits work and the differences are tiny. You should not have much trouble with either so choose the one you like best. Try both and see if you can tell a difference.

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