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Fishing and Camping Checklist

Why make a list?


Years ago I put together a checklist to make sure I had everything I wanted or needed for my camping/fishing trips. That list has served me well over the years and I still use it. A few things have been added since I first started it, and it is now typed and saved on a computer rather than hand written, but I still use it before overnight trips. I print out a copy and check each item as it is loaded.

When fishing I don't ever want to be distracted thinking about something I forgot to bring. When I come in off the lake I like to grill a steak, take a shower and go to bed. If no showers are available I take a bath in the lake if warm enough. I camp to make fishing more convenient so I am sure my list would not include everything for people that just like to camp.

Related items are in groups. Under the heading “fishing” I have rods, tackleboxes, depthfinders, charger, cords, map, sunglasses, caps, gloves and sunscreen. For “sleeping” I include bed, bags, pillows, heater or fan, flashlight, radio, lights, cords and 3-way plugs.

My heading “food’ has a lot of blank space under it to add specific items. It includes cokes, coffee, cream, sugar, salt, pepper and lunch sack, but I will add things like potatoes, onions, bread, other items. I also have an “ice chest” list with room under it. Standard items include butter, cokes, ice, catsup, mustard and mayo. Other items that I might add later would be steaks, lunch meat, lettuce and anything else that needs to stay cool.

My “eating” list includes plates, grill, charcoal, lighter, silverware, pot, coffee pot, cups, tongs, stove, serving spoons, paper towels, dishpan, soap, water jugs and thermos jugs. I finally made a box to contain all these things and now all I have to do is check it and load it.

The “clothes” list has snowsuit, towel, cloth, rainsuit, t-shirts, underwear, jeans, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, shorts, sox, boot sox, jackets and insulated underwear. I put a number beside each item depending on the length of the trip, and carry several extras. It is awful running out of clean sox and underwear! My “shoe” list has boots, tennis shoes, good shoes and snow boots.

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