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Tough Winter Fishing and Camping

A tough January tournament


As expected, the Flint River Bass Club tournament at Lake Sinclair last weekend was cold and tough. The bass must have had more sense than we did, and they stayed still and quiet while we ran around in the icy air trying to find them. Not many were found.

Bobby Ferris brought in four keepers weighing 6.15 pounds for first place. He said he caught his fish on Shadrap crankbaits and caught several other small bass that were too small to weigh in. He caught more bass than anybody else by far.

Gary Blackmon had two keepers weighing 3.74 pounds for second place and his 2.5 pound fish won the big bass award. He caught his two fish on different baits, with one hitting a small crankbait around rocks and the other hitting a Carolina rigged worm.

Larry Gardner also had two fish and his weight of 2.66 pounds was good for 3rd place. I had one fish weighing 1.38 pounds and placed 4th, new member Rodney Blank had one at 1.07 for 5th and J.J. Polak, fishing behind Bobby, came in sixth with one weighing .86 pounds.

That was it. We had 16 fishermen beating the lake for 8 hours trying to catch bass, and we brought in a total of 11 weighing 15.86 pounds. Ten of the fishermen did not catch a keeper during the tournament.

I went over on Saturday and fished from noon to dark and caught one bass. Mostly I was running around the lake looking for something to count on for the tournament. On my depthfinder I found some baitfish and bigger fish under them on a point out in deep water but did not try for them, thinking I would leave them alone for the next day.

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