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The Spalding County Sportsman Club was formed in the 1950 and the group hunted and fished together. In the late 1960s the club started having bass tournaments aqnd these rules were started from club rules at the time. No imput from the Bass Angler Sportsman Society was used, unlike the Flint River Bass Club rules - see the link to the right. Those rules were developed from BASS. These rules have developed over the years and have served the club well. I. TOURNAMENT COMMITTEES AND OFFICERS

A. Tournament committee shall be comprised of the executive officers and the top six fishermen. This committee shall make all new rules and will rule on all decisions. Its decisions shall be final in all tournament matters.

B. The tournament committee shall plan the dates and locations of all tournaments. This committee reserves the right to change the date and location of any tournament. The schedule will be presented for a vote by the club membership at the January meeting each year. After adoption, the schedule can only be changed by following the rule for a by-law change.

C. Recorder shall be the same as the club tournament director. Duties shall consist of keeping complete tournament records and enforcing tournament rules.

D. Secretary and treasurer will receive and distribute any tournament money.

E. Inspection officers shall be appointed by the president and the tournament director. Duties shall be enforcing all rules set forth by the tournament committee, including random live well checks.

F. The weigher shall be appointed by the president and the tournament director with approval of the tournament committee. Duties shall be maintaining the club scales and conducting the weigh-ins for all tournaments.

G. Scorers shall consist of the weigher, the recorder, and one or more assistants appointed by them.

H. Each tournament officer shall appoint an alternate if unable to perform his duties.


A. Former members in good standing of the Spalding County Sportsman Club must pay dues at least one meeting prior to his first tournament during the calendar year.

B. Former members in good standing must pay dues by March meeting or attend a meeting prior to fishing a tournament.

C. Each tournament shall have an entrance fee determined by the tournament committee prior to the first tournament. The entrance fee shall be $15.00 until changed.

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