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Why Would I Want To Join A Bass Club?

By December 16, 2012

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Ronnie Garrison and fish pictures Most bass clubs have tournament years that run from January 1 to December 31 so this is a good time to consider joing a club. But why would you want to be in a bass club? I have been club fishing since 1974 - most of my life! - and try to fish every tournament every year in both clubs I am in. I love club fishing. Here are some good points about joining a club - what do you think?

If you are in a club or have considered joining a club tell us about it in the comments section below. Point out the good, bad and ugly of bass club fishing.

picture (c) Ronnie Garrison

Why Would I Want To Join A Bass Club?


December 14, 2011 at 11:07 am
(1) jennifer Russell says:

Dear Friend,
I would like to join the bass club, because i have all so been fishing for the rest of my life as well. I would like to learn how to do some other kinds of fishing, I really like fishing it is really peaceful when i’m out fishing by my self,but it is all so fun when i have some one with me because when some one is with me then i can help that person that doesn’t know any thing about fishing.I really in joy it.well i better let you go now. hope to hear from you soon.
R.S.V. P.
Jennifer Russell

December 14, 2011 at 12:35 pm
(2) fishing says:

Bass clubs are a lot of fun and good places to learn as well as teaching others.

Where do you live? I think there are bass clubs in every state except Alaska. If you are in Georgia I have contacts with many clubs here. If you live in another state BASS or FLW have contacts in them

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