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Freshwater Fishing


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The 12 Commandments for Catch-and-Release

Friday April 18, 2014


Whether you have to return your catch to the water, or simply want to do so, you have to take the right steps to ensure that the fish is unharmed. Read my 12 Commandments for Catch-and-Release to learn how.

Kayak Fishing Basics

Friday April 18, 2014


Maneuverable, economical, portable, and ideal for small backwaters, the kayak has become a prominent fixture on the angling scene. You won't need a fully tricked-out kayak to catch fish in most places if you follow this advice.

Action and Fun is the Mantra for Taking Youngsters Fishing

Thursday April 17, 2014


It's great to see the smile and excitement that youngsters have when they catch fish. That's equally true for girls and boys. You can†start them young as long as you make it a fun experience.

How to Use a Sideplaner to Troll Up Fish

Thursday April 17, 2014


Fish big lakes and reservoirs that are shallow can also be skittish. That's why it helps when you're trolling to be able to get your lures off to the side, away from the boat's path of travel. The answer is using sideplaners.

What Happens After the Catch Matters a Great Deal

Wednesday April 16, 2014


People who fish for recreation have the best opportunity to enjoy a meal of fresh and nutritious fish, but only if attention is paid to fish care from the time they catch it to the time they cook it. Here are the details.

Facts About Yellow Perch

Wednesday April 16, 2014


Yellow perch are a great fish on the table, and popular to catch in any season, but especially in the cool waters of spring. Here are some facts about their life and behavior. Species Profile: Yellow Perch

Itís Time to Get After Trout in Lakes

Wednesday April 16, 2014

trol002.jpgYou may need gloves and warm clothes for some days of early-spring fishing, but trout and other species are getting active now as the water temperature starts to climb. Monitoring that temperature and finding the places with warm water will help you put trout in the net. Here are some thoughts on†where and how to go about this.

Facts About Line Abrasion

Friday April 11, 2014

reel036.jpgYou don't fish a dry line, so how your line functions when it's wet is what's important. That's why abrasion resistance tests on dry line, as you may see at a sport show, are irrelevant. Learn more about this quality of fishing lines: Facts About Line Abrasion.

Temperature Drives Early-Season Bass Fishing

Friday April 11, 2014


It may be cold but the fishing's going to heat up. You can enjoy good spring action if you understand how temperature affects bass and influences the places where they're likely to be found. Then you can adapt accordingly.

The Biggest American Bass Ever

Friday April 11, 2014


It was caught in what is now an obscure oxbow in Georgia, just three hours from Augusta, and became a legend that every bass angler would love to best. There was no known photo of the fish, but we do know what lure caught it.
Discover the interesting story behind this record, and the record holder:†The Biggest American Bass Ever

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