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To Net or Not To Net?


Some nets are better than others for landing fish that are to be released.

Freshwater Fishing Spotlight10

What I’m Using: Polarized Fit-Over Style Sunglasses

What I’m Using: Four Decades of Fine-Tuning My Fit-Over Sunglasses Have Lead to Jonathan Paul

Catching Bass on Points

Lures, Tactics, and Subtleties for Fishing Points for Bass

Why Anglers Should Wear Sunglasses

How the right sunglasses protect your eyes and help you fish better.

Fishing Reels: What to Know About Cranking Power and Speed

The Lower the Gear Ratio, the Greater the Cranking Power

Species Profile: Chinook Salmon

Facts About the Life and Behavior of Chinook Salmon

Making Scientific Sense of Fish Scents

Some Scented Lures Are Attractants, But Most Are Just Masking Agents

The Main Attributes of Fishing Lines

What You Should Know About Breaking Strength, Diameter, Abrasion Resistance, Stretch, and Flexibility

Bass Fishing Pros Talk Details

Bass Pro Insights on Hook Sharpening, Line Replacement, Preferred Knots and Lure Colors, and More

Fishing Simply

Be smart and fish thoroughly when you don't have a boatload of gadgets and lures.

Tackling the Weeds for Bass

You need the right tackle and the right attitude to fish where the bass are

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